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Help for Adoptees, Foundlings or Anyone Searching for Biological Family Members  

Unraveling Mysteries of the Helix

Find Your Birth Family With DNA...

Searching for your biological family?  Want to know who your birth parents are?  You can NOW find them with the help of DNA testing, record searching and our proven research methods.

Uncover Family Mysteries...

Find YOUR birth parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and learn where you came from. Now you can really tell where you got those beautiful eyes.  

Discover YOUR Family Tree...

Build your own family tree, discover your biological relatives and make contact when you are ready!

About Us

The Goal

The goal is simply to find your DNA matches. Match them to other people on your list of matches. Find their common ancestors and figure out how they connect to each other. Build your ancestral family trees as far back as you can and as wide as you can, with the ultimate goal of finding your place in that family. It is hard work, detailed and tedious - but it can be done! We have done it many, many times with success! 

We have the experience, the resources and the compassion to go on this very private and personal journey with you!  We are thankful for those that have trusted us with their stories and their searches.

Our 1st Success Story

  Lynette and Janet have been co-workers and friends since 2007. They both have been known as their family historians, because they love tracing their families’ history and keeping records for future generations. They now call themselves Genetic Genealogists.   Several years ago they each took an Ancestry DNA test for fun and wanted to find out about their ethnicity. Janet was contacted by an unknown 4th cousin DNA match that had been adopted at birth in hopes that she could help her find a connection to her birth parents. Without knowing the journey they were all about to take, Janet volunteered Lynette’s help and they agreed to assist Janet’s new found cousin, Susan!   Wow! They all learned a lot! Within 6 months, the identity of Susan’s birth mother was found through DNA matches and record searching. Unfortunately she had passed away many years before. Susan was still able to reach out to aunts, uncles, cousins and even a living grandmother! Shortly after, Susan’s birth father was also confirmed through a DNA match but unfortunately, we found out he was also deceased - only TWO WEEKS before she found him! Time can be of the essence – don’t wait, never give up! Susan has siblings – a half-brother and a half-sister! She and her half-sister have met, they stay in touch and interact through Facebook.   Not the perfect results as she would have loved to have met her birth parents but at least she knows who they are, what they looked like and she has some closure and some questions answered. That is all well with her, than to have always wondered.   Janet not only gained new cousins, Lynette and Janet have gained a forever friend.

We LOVE you Susan!  Thank you for allowing us on your journey.  <3

Janet & Lynette

Fun Facts

We now offer flat rate DNA analysis and research for those that want immediate help finding birth parents.  See our "Hire A Genealogist" page for more information.

We also help for FREE.  We provide a waiting list for




It's FREE but donations are encouraged.

The catch - we do have a LONG waiting list.  Some people are on the list for years. :(  

You also must be patient as we work your case in the order it was received.

Janet and Lynette are both

Official Search Angels

Donations are always welcomed and encouraged so that we can continue to help those that can't afford our paid service!!

See the next page on where to donate and what funds are used for.

Lynette and Janet were interviewed for a local Houston magazine called VoyageHouston!  

Check it out!!!



Attended a Genetic Genealogical workshop in October 2018 and got to meet and discuss my cases with world renown Genetic Genealogist CeCe Moore!


Please tell us your search story!  We LOVE happy endings!

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