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Help for Adoptees, Foundlings or Anyone Searching for Biological Family Members  

Unraveling Mysteries of the Helix

Find Your Birth Family With DNA...

Searching for your biological family?  Want to know who your birth parents are?  You can NOW find them with the help of DNA testing, record searching and our proven research methods.

Uncover Family Mysteries...

Find YOUR birth parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and learn where you came from. Now you can really tell where you got those beautiful eyes.  

Discover YOUR Family Tree...

Build your own family tree, discover your biological relatives and make contact when you are ready!

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Please tell us your search story!  We LOVE happy endings!

Send us your story and reunions photos.  We might publish them on our website!

Email them to DNANow.life@gmail.com


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